JRCL Consulting Group is founded by

Jon Toivo Rice and Chelsea Leyland.


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CEO + Co-Founder

Jon Toivo Rice

Is CEO and Co-founder of JRCL consulting group. First and foremost Jon is a Concussion Advocate – helping those who are going through the pains of head trauma by sharing resources, information, stories, science, and compassion. He is also a photographer, Sailor, Rescue Diver, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Unfortunately, when He was 16 he faced a life changing head injury, leaving him with a massive concussion and fractured neck. He was prescribed more than 25 medications and was told by multiple Harvard doctors he may never recover. He transformed his life by becoming one of the first pediatric medical marijuana patients in Maine. He utilized a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana called (CBD) to overcome his severe post concussion syndrome and get off all prescription medication. He has traveled more than 250,000 miles around the world. He studied Entrepreneurship and New World Marketing and Branding at Loyola Marymount University. Jon advocates for CBD’s use as a neuroprotectant through his blog JonToivoProject.com.


Chelsea Leyland

Is a DJ, Actress, Model, Epilepsy Advocate, and Co- founder at JRCL Consulting Group. She suffers from Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Chelsea Has made a name for herself in the New York fashion and art communities, as well as internationally as a cultural trendsetter and influencer. She is one of the most in demand female DJ’s curating music for runway shows during NY, London, and Paris fashion weeks. Leyland has appeared in major publications including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue et. She hopes through her struggles as a DJ with epilepsy: “battling late nights, early flights, and strobe lights”, she can inspire others on their journey. Chelsea started taking CBD after a very deep conversation with Jon, since that conversation she has successfully weaned off her anti-seizure medication and now is fully prescription free taking CBD.

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The JRCL Mission:

Our team’s mission is to help bring medicine to those in pain, while cultivating sustainable and ethical business practices aligned with our vision. JRCL works with brands and influencers to share powerful stories, increasing reach, impact, and the triple bottom line – JRCL does this through understanding social media and content platforms to share messages with integrity. Additionally, JRCL works with brands to educate and implement strategies that will effectively reach people who really need our contribution.  JRCL believes that this is the true role of entrepreneurs & brands:

Locate problems in the world, find solutions backed by integrity, and implement the solution successfully, with a profitable business model. Jon and Chelsea bring very unique defining and personal factors to the table as consultants. First off they both have faced immense physical and psychological trails due to their respective conditions, (repetitive head trauma for Jon – Epilepsy for Chelsea). They also bring a balance of masculine and feminine energy – Chelsea is a fashion DJ, whilst  Jon is a photographer and sailor. They both pull from multiple disciplines to connect data points in new and innovative ways.